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Moore Maker Stag Liner LockMy name is Bill Horn and I reside in Cookeville, TN. Our area is commonly referred to as "The Birth Place of Knife Collecting". I feel very fortunate to live where it all began. Several years ago I met a man named Charlie Mattox in Gallatin, TN. Charlie was having some remodeling done to his house and I was responsible for getting the job done. I soon discovered Charlie was in the knife business and was involved in the Internet sale of Case knives through his web site mattoxknife.com. Needless to say, I was impressed and proceeded to learn more. I've always loved knives, but never got involved. It seems I was too busy raising kids and working. Before I knew what was happening, Charlie was giving me copies of newsletters, "Blade" magazines, Case Collector issues and a fresh copy of "The Pocket Knife Traders Price Guide" by Jim Parker. I could not understand why he was going to extreme measures just to get a stranger interested in "his" hobby.

Charlie knew exactly what he was doing, and I swallowed hook, line and sinker. Within four weeks he had me signed up to attend the 2002 Zippo/Case International Swap Meet in Bradford, Pa. Folks, listen to me, do not go to N. W. Pennsylvania, because you will contract a sickness that no doctor can heal. On the way to Bradford, I stopped in Titusville , Pa. to see the Queen Cutlery Factory. What a fantastic sight and visit. Jennie Moore and Bill Howard bent over backwards to supply information about Queen and Schatt-Morgan history. I think they were working undercover for Charlie. By the time we arrived in Bradford for the swap meet, I knew I was onto something I might not be able to control. I soon met Shirley Boser, Historian for Case, at the factory tour, and what a beautiful lady. She has more information than a programmed robot. Then came the feast to end all, we were treated to a meal second to none. The benefit auction was like no other auction I have ever attended. Crazy people were paying outrageous prices for knives just because it was the only one of its kind on the planet. (Give me a break). Little did I know that these knife collectors knew exactly what they were doing. It was at this swap meet and auction I learned just how important that Shepard Hills Cutlery and Smoky Mountain Knife Works are to this business and hobby. These people spread the word in a big time way.

W.R. Case Cabernet RusslockAfter the swap meet, I started attending all the knife shows and began meeting all the "Godfathers" of this business. It was soon obvious I had to do something to treat this ailment. Hence, this web site, knife collectors like to share. It is this lifeblood of this business/hobby. I want to share my hobby with everyone. My wife stills rolls her eyes back into her head when she learns of another knife show coming up.

My wife, also, has been a big help with this site. If anyone thinks people get rich at this, think again. If we were paid an hourly rate for time invested, we would be on a government subsidy. It truly is a labor of love. Original photos take time to post/edit and describe. We never copy and paste other sites images and sometimes the descriptions are minimal. Hey, we are only human and do make mistakes.

As you can tell, the majority of the site is devoted to Case, Queen, Schatt-Morgan and Ontario Knife. This is what I collect and enjoy. I'm sure I could improve sales by having a boatload of tactical's, swords and etc. But life is short, I plan to live to age 97, that gives me only 37 years to have fun and share. Thanks for visiting.

Bill, Brenda, and Matias Horn